Resident Stories

Hear from some of our residents about how HopeHouse OKC has changed their lives

  • Jennifer

    "A few short years ago, I was living in survival mode trying to physically survive an abusive relationship day by day. Since I've been at HopeHouse, I've gained some wonderful friendships. I've gotten closer relationships with my kids, two wonderful jobs and I've been able to save money. I will soon be moving into my very own HOUSE and begin school this Spring. I am happy for the first time in years and know what it means to have people truly love me."

  • Gabbi

    "HopeHouse changed my life in so many ways, they showed me that I have people who genuinely care about me. They taught me so many things on how to be independent, how to save money, budget, and be a part of a beautiful community. I can say that words can’t even describe how thankful I am for getting an opportunity to live at a place where even if you have mess up’s, they support you to the fullest. I want to thank all the staff of HopeHouse. Because without them I don’t know where I would be today."

  • Jade

    "I moved in February 3rd of 2020. It took a while to get used to at first because I wasn't used to being in such a close community. I wasn't used to having that kind of support, but it was just what I needed. While I was at HopeHouse, I got my driver's license. I started sailing through drug court. And the biggest blessing of all was that I got my baby girls back in August 2020. My life has changed in so many ways since I came to HopeHouse. The love and support I received from everybody there was amazing. I'm about to start my RSS classes so I can make a difference in a struggling mothers life like they did mine."

  • Jemi

    "Today, I have a beautiful life ahead of me. I have my own car, just moved into a HopeHouse ForeverHOME, and I have a job with benefits in an office where I am home nights and weekends with my son. I am happier than I could have ever imagined with a peace I know only comes from God. My relationship with God went from being weird and distant to being close and trusting. When I used to pray to God about how I needed help getting away from my abuser, I remember this one time I heard him tell me to just hold on a little longer. I'm so amazed today by his plan and so thankful he led me to HopeHouse. Thank you HopeHouse for helping me change my life."

  • Shanna

    "When I was 9 years old, a person took advantage of me and it was the beginning of a terrible cycle that was full of pain, deceit, addiction, and secrets. Despite what people might think, I was raised by a wonderful family. I had amazing parents who had their hands full with four foster girls and eventually five daughters of their own. My mindset and thoughts of myself were so broken though. This led me down a path of drugs, abusive relationships, and codependency issues. With the help of HopeHouse and several others, I know today that I am seen, heard, and have great value. I know I am precious and should be treated as such. My past does not define me and I am now able to use what I have been through to help others. I just passed 10 years sober and am so proud!  I live in my own apartment with my daughter, sober, happy, and free. "


  • Keitha

    "When I came to HopeHouse, I was a single mother of 3 kids with one on the way. I had been involved in toxic relationships that eventually led me down a path of substance abuse for years. I desperately wanted more out of life and was willing to do the work, but struggled to find a place to call home. Not having a safe home made it nearly impossible to move forward. Since coming to HopeHouse, I began college at UCO, have paid off debt, saved money, and have given birth to a healthy baby girl. I was blessed with a vehicle and plan to continue this momentum to graduate college and become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. HopeHouse has given me and my kids a safe environment with support that has allowed me to dream big and recognize my own potential."