ForeverHOME is our attempt to help families go from our transitional housing program to permanent affordable housing, or what we call “forever housing”. Forever housing is permanent, non-transitional, fixed income housing that a family can afford after they have graduated the HopeHouse OKC program. 

Traditionally when a family graduates from our program their market rental options are limited. Many of our resident families have poor or no rent history. They may have a felony or other criminal activity on their record. They may only have one active month of work history in a new job. These factors, along with others, make finding safe affordable housing incredibly difficult, if not impossible. 

One of the goals of HopeHouse OKC is to provide graduate families with market rate housing options that would allow us to operate a continuum of care and support for our resident families even after they graduate from our transitional housing program. ForeverHOME is an opportunity for families who qualify to pay market rate, or near market rate, rent for properties owned by HopeHouse OKC. This would mean that a family, in addition to having a landlord who cared about their long-term success, would have access to safe affordable housing without having to meet the traditional rent and criminal history hurdles. Because ForeverHOME residents will be paying market rent, they are building a rent history, paying utilities, and managing their own households. ForeverHOME residents would also be operating under a traditional lease structure, but with the added benefit of continued support, ongoing care, and access to case management resources. All these factors would help our graduate resident families continue down a path of long-term sustainable success that includes affordable forever housing. 

ForeverHOME is a property acquisition movement that seeks to purchase and rehab single-family residences directly in the vicinity of our living communities. Once acquired and rehabbed, these properties will become part of the HopeHouse OKC long-term model to help families break the cycles of poverty and homelessness… forever. 


Breaking generational cycles of poverty and homelessness takes more than just walking alongside a mom and/or dad; it takes a holistic approach that includes the entire family.

If we come alongside a child during this formative time and invest in them, helping them make measurable improvements in areas such as educational development, social awareness, and physical health, we give that child the tools to not only live a healthier life but to break the cycles of poverty and homelessness for their children and for their children’s children.

The hopeKIDS Program goal is relatively simple. We want to see substantial growth and improvement with our kids in 3 main areas: Educational Development, Social Awareness, and Physical Health.  We are developing a comprehensive assessment tool that will look at things such as: reading, writing, math, social and behavioral development, physical aptitude, nutritional awareness and general physical health. This assessment tool will be used as a guide in developing a child’s individual Developmental Action Plan to ensure they are poised for long-term success.  

This year we purchased a single family home located directly across the street from our living communities in NE Oklahoma City. Currently we are in the process of turning that home into our hopeKIDS Development Center. This development center will be a safe and intentional place where we can provide comprehensive programs and care that will encompass all aspects of educational, social, and physical development. Thus, giving our children a real chance to step out of their traumatic past and into a future of hope.

We need your help to breathe life into this dream. We need your help to breathe life into these children.