Resident application.

Thank you for your interest in the HopeHouse OKC

transitional housing program. Please review the

entire application packet carefully and follow

all written instructions. Follow the link to

download the application packet. APPLICATION.


There are 5 steps necessary for applying, 

participating, and completing the

HopeHouse OKC transitional housing program. 

Step One: Application

Application is made with HopeHouse OKC

for transitional housing. 

Step Two: Interview

Approved applicants are interviewed by

HopeHouse OKC staff. 

Step Three: Approval for Residency

Applicant is approved for residency. New

resident has initial assessment with

HopeHouse OKC staff and develops

need-based action plan. 

Step Four: Resident Participation

Resident works to complete need-based

action plan, participates in community life, 

and attends applicable life-skills classes

and workshops. 

Step Five: Resident Transition

Resident works alongside HopeHouse OKC

staff to secure stable and healthy long-term